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Dave Leavitt

"I can recommend Tony Bernard, without qualificationto any Business Professional seeking to better their situation, differentiate themselves or who truly embrace Continuous Improvement."

Dave Leavitt, Cianbro Constructors
Leon Hatzenbihler

Tony hits it right on the head again.  Marketing Blueprint for Contractors is a must for any contractor who wants to make more money by standing out from the contractor crowd." 

Leon Hatzenbihler, Fine Point Marketing
Mike Noone

"When I shared what you teach at my recent seminar here in New Zealand the crowd looked like the scales had fallen from their eyes. By implementing this one simple tactic that you teach, any business can significantly increase its revenues at a very low initial cost." 

Mike Noone, Tipping Point Marketing
Philip Saparov

"What he gives you is a whole array of strategies and tactics that you can implement today, even if you stay away from the internet…"

Philip Saparov, E-Learning Professional
Terry Brandon

"Tony has revealed the foundation principles that make marketing work so effectively …"

Terry Brandon, Certified Power Marketing Consultant
David J Bradley

"... I have to say, it was relieving and exciting to find a book that concisely and strategically focuses on high-leverage activities. I highly recommend the book, It's GOLD!”

David J Bradley , Primal Digital Marketing

Meet The Author - Tony Bernard

Tony Bernard, is a Certified Power Marketing Consultant and #1 Bestselling Author with 37 years of International Consulting in the Construction Industry and worked on over $17 billions of dollars worth of projects.

"The use of our proven ‘Strategic Messaging Formula’ virtually guarantees YOUR company will DOUBLE Profits in 90 days or less, PLUS dominate your local industry in less than a year, because it is based on our Scientifically Proven Proprietary Marketing System."