The Untold Truth About Following Up!

No matter what contracting discipline you are in (Custom Home Builder, HVAC, Roofing, etc) or other industry you find yourself in, you need to follow up!  Having an automated follow up sequence will get the job done 24/7/365!  No matter if that person is vacation or at home sick running a fever. Following up with your prospects is essence and continuing to educate them about why you are the best company to pick is your #1 Priority!  This is best done by providing them with educational information related to what they came to you for!

Most sales don't happen on the first contact and to make matters worse, 48% of business NEVER  follow up!  This is insane!  Look at the Graph below, study it!  But more importantly, understand the implications of it.

CRITICAL Sales Info .....


48% of the time there’s No Follow-up.

25% of the time there’s 1 Follow-up.

12% of the time there’s 2 Follow-ups.

10% of the time there’s 3 Follow-ups.

5% of the time there’s 4 or more Follow-ups.

Now Compare Follow up to when Sales Actually Happen!

Point A – 48% of the time NO Follow up, yet 2% of sales happen there.

Point B – 25% of the time 1 Follow up, with 3% of sales happen there.

Point C – 12% of the time 2 Follow up’s, with 5% of sales happen there.

Point D – 10% of the time 3 Follow up’s, with 10% of sales happen there.

Point E – 5% of the time 4 or more Follow up’s, with 80% of sales happening!

The numbers speak for themselves,  80% of the sales happen at the 4th  follow up or more!  While 48% of business don't attempt to follow up at all.  Looking at the graph, it makes it very obvious that 4 or more follow-ups are critical to the success of businesses.

Just think about your recent large purchase.  Something in the range of the product or service you are selling.   How many times did you talk to the successful company?

So Keep that in mind for your prospects as well.   Developing a great follow up system that is automatic can be very easy.  Why, because you know your business and and industry.  In another article, I'll give you a hint about a couple easy topics that you should write about in your follow up messages!

HINT:  They are in my book, Marketing Blueprint For Contractors which can be purchased by Clicking Here NOW!

SUMMARY:  Follow up Pays off big time.  Follow up is not calling and asking for the sale.  It is continuing to educate the prospect about the product or service they wanted to know about and why you are the best option!

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